Easyclean provides a professional domestic home cleaning service which is customised to your specific home and requirements. Our cleaners will work enthusiastically and diligently to ensure that your home is cleaned and presented to the very highest standard. We will provide all the cleaning materials required for your home and give training and advice to our staff in areas of hygiene, presentation and reliability.

We will always make every effort to comply with any particular requirements you may have in a friendly and efficient manner. All our employees take great pride in their work and the reputation of our company. To achieve the best result we would appreciate the property to be as tidy as possible.


Dusting surfaces, carefully moving display items and cleaning as necessary
Dusting and polishing wooden surfaces with beeswax polish
Wiping ledges, window sills, skirtings, mouldings, door furniture and light switches
Dust fixtures and fittings, picture frames & mirrors
Vacuum all carpets, regularly moving furniture where possible
Vacuuming soft furnishings
Clean inside windows
Washing and mopping floors
Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen sinks and taps
Cleaning and mopping wooden floors as requested
Cleaning baths, showers, shower screens, tiles, sinks, taps and fittings
Cleaning and disinfecting toilet pans, seats and covers
Making beds and/or changing sheets as required